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  • jeh

    "It made sense to go with a company that was more equipped to handle our volume...[Dynasis] presented what we needed to do, and they discovered a lot of things that should have been happening but weren't."

    Christina Campbell (Controller)

  • gms

    “We were running out of room on the server, and once we started looking at improvements we could make, it really snowballed. The owners started making suggestions and DynaSis took it from there.”

    Rodney Lester (Systems Manager)

  • jdr-bgsq

    "With our previous IT provider, we were having a lot of issues...DynaSis takes a different approach. They are proactive about finding and addressing issues before problems arise."

    Ryan Hatrak (VP of Operations)

  • lps-sm

    “With DynaSis, when we did a site visit, we actually met the people who would be helping us. Everyone was really customer oriented and they had the broadest offering that matched our needs.”

    Sam Torke (Network Administrator)

  • hmi

    "It’s seamless. We are heavily reliant on the system being up and available and that has never been an issue...It’s great because I don’t have to worry about it."

    Hugh M. "Don" Inman, Jr. (President)

DynaSis Corp. is the leading provider of IT Support for companies with 10-100 employees. DynaSis provides Managed Services, Application Hosting and IT infrastructure solutions in the Southeast. From its Atlanta and Phoenix based data center facilities, DynaSis provides a comprehensive range of IT Services and Solutions including management of servers, storage, backups, network, databases, security and data centers to more than 150 business customers in a broad range of industries.