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Cloud-Based Telephony

DynaSis proudly sells, installs and services a leading cloud-based business calling solution, which replaces traditional PBX systems with a powerful, integrated call management and collaboration solution running on VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. VoIP has become a standard among astute business owners for its crystal clear call quality, reasonable pricing, and unrivaled collaboration and communication features.

With cloud PBX/VoIP, your company’s personnel can send, receive and manage calls, connect with fellow employees using built-in presence and instant messaging functions, and redirect calls to any device using personalized call routing. No longer will sales personnel miss a great opportunity because they are out of the office; no more will teams be unable to collaborate in real time because they are in different locations.


Advanced features of our system include:

Unified Contact Center: Get customers to the appropriate service or sales representative quickly and easily with customizable menus, automatic call distribution and skills-based routing.
Personalized Call Routing: Find me/follow me capabilities ensure staffers never miss an important call. Personnel can set their own custom rules, setting calls to ring to multiple devices simultaneously, creating privileged lists for VIP callers and more.
Voicemail Management & Transcription: Access voicemail via phone, email, SMS or the desktop. Manage, store and even read your voicemail messages.
Built-in Presence and Chat: See which team members are online, on the phone or away, or who is available for a quick chat using built-in instant messaging and presence capabilities.
Drag-and-Drop Call Handling: With the click of a mouse, put a call on hold or transfer calls to any extension or voicemail box.
Ready-to-Use Reports: Access call records and history to evaluate staffing levels and employee performance. See call queue status reports to determine if customers are being serviced quickly and receiving excellent service. (More than 200 reports and customizable reporting are available.)
Emergency Management and Recovery: When a weather emergency or other unexpected event prevents workers from getting to the office, it’s easy for companies to reroute callers to other locations, adjust greeting messages and more.
Mobile Device Integration: Full mobile device support enables workers to make and receive calls from their mobile devices using your business phone number.
Visual Voicemail & Transcription: Scan, sort, playback, delete and flag voice messages and access them via email (Microsoft Outlook; Gmail).
Screen Share: Share your screen with other users, securely via a custom URL (web page) in a web conference event.
Audio Conferencing: Host on-demand conference calls for both internal and external attendees, with conference recording features and the ability to add or remove participants on the fly.
Paging: Send a page or message to everyone in your company or a set of specific employees.
One-Stop Communications: All communication tools reside in one convenient spot on employees’ desktops, making it fast and easy for them to connect with coworkers and clients through a number of vehicles.


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