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Cloud Services

Cloud computing—an IT model that years ago was considered “bleeding-edge”—is rapidly becoming a solution of choice among SMBs for maximum productivity, accessibility and ROI. According to a 2012 report by research firm Edge Strategies, 59% of SMBs that adopt the cloud report increases in productivity, and 58% say the cloud makes them more competitive.

At DynaSis, we can help you take cloud computing as far as you want to go—from Hosted Microsoft Exchange for email (the number one cloud service SMBs list as a productivity driver) to hosted cloud servers; web hosting; even your own private cloud.

All your data will be stored in our best-practices data centers, where every bit of hardware is monitored 24/7/365, access is rigidly controlled, servers are replicated to prevent data loss and incredibly stringent failsafe mechanisms protect the facility—and your precious IT assets. High-speed, redundant connections to the Internet ensure you and your team can always gain access, and government-grade security gives you the confidence of knowing your corporate data is safe and secure.


Solutions Available in the Cloud

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