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Email Security

With up to 90% of business decisions and documents being referenced or transmitted  via email, there is no doubt these communications have become mission critical. You know your firm cannot operate without email, but have you implemented a plan to ensure that never happens? If portions of your email archive were subpoenaed, could you produce the records easily? For business owners that use the DynaSis Email Security program, the answer is always, “Yes.”

The DynaSis Solution: A three-pronged approach for end-to-end email protection


Email Continuity

The most vital component of email service is securing your access to it. With DynaSis Email Continuity, your Microsoft Exchange accounts – including messages, calendars, contacts, and tasks – are synched between your on-site Exchange Server and a webmail account you can access from any location. Should your email server crash, you’ll still have access to everything. (This service also acts as a defacto backup for your email accounts.)

Email Archival

While offsite synching affords easy access, some companies need forensic-grade archive and retrieval of email for regulatory compliance or to address potential liability. Our email archival service provides a tamper-proof chain of email integrity and retention for up to seven years. Archives are holistically complete yet exhaustive searches take only seconds. This service also prevents current or recently terminated employees from deleting actionable or compromising messages.

Email Encryption

Companies that handle personally identifiable information, such as those in the finance,  government, healthcare and insurance sectors, are increasingly required to safeguard that data with military-grade encryption. DynaSis’ encryption solution automates this complex task – making it feasible for smaller businesses to implement, and seamless for both sender and receiver.