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Workshifting: When Anywhere is Your Office

Workshifting—enabling staff to work anytime, anywhere, on any device—is one of the top trends in workplace improvements today. Companies large and small have are discovering the benefits if workshifting, including increased productivity and employee satisfaction and reduced office expense.

ITility by DynaSis by DynaSis and Ascend solutions are tailor made for workshifting, because they transition some or all of the “productivity” functions of your office to a hosted environment where they can be accessed over the Internet. The user interface for the solution, powered by industry-leading virtual IT solution developer Citrix, is completely secure and can restrict users from storing corporate data on the remote device.

DynaSis works with your company to establish access controls, stringent passwords and other protections you need to fully lock down your corporate data and applications, no matter where workers access them. And, since our IT solutions support workshifting programs from casual to dedicated—from letting workers check email in the morning at home to having them work remotely all the time—you retain total control and flexibility.

When a large amount of work is done on a computer, it shouldn’t matter where that work is done. In fact, studies have shown that working outside the traditional office can provide significant benefits to your employees, your organization and the environment.

Consider these statistics, gathered by the Telework Research Network and, which illustrate the clear business benefits of workshifting.

  • Forty percent of U.S. workers have jobs that could be done at home at least part of the time.
  • Seventy-nine percent of workers would like to work at least part time from home; 37% would take a pay cut to do so.
  • Workplace flexibility can save employers up to $20,000 per year, per employee.
  • Eighty percent of companies say workshifting helps recruit top talent.
  • Workshifters are 55% more engaged then non-workshifters and 27% more productive
  • When telework programs are introduced, companies reports a 25% reduction in employee attrition.
  • The expected turnover rate for employees who do not have workshifting flexibility is almost twice the rate of those who do.
  • Companies with telework programs, on average, realize an 18% savings in space, electricity and overall office expense.

Workshifting is the future of business. Lowering costs, having happier employees and around the clock productivity is good for business. Contact DynaSis to learn how to get started.

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