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CIO Services

Do you wish you had a CIO—a tech-savvy executive to help you design and execute key technology projects while working within your budget? Most SMBs don’t have the means to staff this position. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO, DynaSis provides high-level, technology advice in affordable slices, as a one time engagement or on a regular monthly schedule that works for you.

The DynaSis Solution? CIO Specialists

Many managed services firms claim to provide CIO-type support. What they actually provide is an account manager or technical advisor without the core competencies to guide you effectively. DynaSis has, on staff, highly accomplished, executive-grade professionals who become your mentors, leading you through the practical application of technology while displaying an honest and profound respect for your bottom line.

A Pragmatic Approach

Our CIOs bring a wide range of technology experience and expertise to the task yet have the interpersonal skills to interact fruitfully with individuals at all levels of your organization. Everything is explained in terms that relate to your business, not in “geek speak” that is difficult to understand. DynaSis assumes the ongoing expense of staffing these positions, so you pay only for the share you need.

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