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DynaSis Cloud Readiness Assessment


Insight into the Cloud Opportunities for Your Business

A Cloud Computing Readiness Assessment provides insight into where cloud computing is appropriate and most valuable for your business. The assessment will discover promising opportunities, make a business case for them, compute the ROI of moving to the cloud, and paint a picture of benefits, costs, and risks to weigh.


  • Opportunity & ROI Analysis

  • Application Compatibility

  • Infrastructure Assessment

With this analysis you’ll be able to formulate a strategy for your company’s adoption of cloud. The assessment will produce a roadmap of cloud possibilities, scoped and prioritized to align with your business objectives. The findings will be presented to business and technical decision makers and you’ll receive a copy of the report.


Find Areas of Synergy and Explore Them

The assessment process starts out broadly and ends narrowly. It begins with an examination of your business Goals and current IT. Each of the potential opportunities cloud computing can bring are evaluated to see if they make sense in the context of your business and your applications. We end having identified the most promising opportunities and a cost/benefit analysis for each.


Core Team (1+1) ● Decision Makers

Assessments are planned and run by a core team which consists of a knowledgeable DynaSis consultant teamed up with an insider from your company. The “1+1” core team plans and runs the assessment, working with additional participants from your company such as business and technical decision makers, application owners. The liaison you provide should have a good understanding of your business, your business plan, your IT properties, and your organizational structure and culture. The core team, working with appropriate personnel in your company, will find the synergies between cloud computing and your business. The overall number of participants naturally varies by company size and nature; participants will be identified in the advance planning that precedes an assessment.

Scope of work

A standard Cloud Computing Readiness Assessment is a 1-day event, performed on-site at your location. Our team will perform 75% of the assessment that day. Additional research offsite will be performed and then we will setup a meeting to deliver our findings.

Is Now the Right Time?

Whether or not you currently think your company will be using cloud computing in the near future, now is definitely the right time for an assessment. You may gain valuable insights from the assessment that may change your thinking or refine your plans. We will uncover any holes in your current system at a minimum. Giving you knowledge to enhance your business!


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