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Enabling Technology for Your Business

Prioritizing and managing technology initiatives can be challenging, yet failure to do so can spell disaster. The difference between success and failure is often just a few degrees of separation. Success requires leadership with both technology know-how and a strategic, business perspective that accelerates sustainable results.

In business, you’re either a leader or a follower when it comes to technology. Decisions about technology and innovation can make a significant difference in an organization’s competitiveness. They require a strategic approach that ensures technology is an enabler, rather than a constraint.

You Don’t Need to Understand Your Network to Find Out How to Fix It.

Unauthorized users; security flaws; poorly configured devices that cause bottlenecks—these and other problems are present in nine out of 10 corporate networks. Why?

Because full-time network engineers are a luxury most small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford.

View Sample Charts From Our Reports Below:

Sample Charts

With the DynaSis Network Assessment, you don’t need a full-time IT pro to help your network run like a superhighway or give it the security of Fort Knox.

We’ll perform advanced network performance tests using a custom-built, secure* solution that has so little effect on network performance, your employees won’t even know it is running.**

Then, our team of specialists will develop clear, comprehensive reports identifying network issues and weak spots, with sensible recommendations for resolving urgent network security and performance issues and, if requested, suggestions for improvements. Our reports will include:

  • A summary of your overall risk score, with easy-to-follow charts identifying problem areas and conflicts
  • Best-Practices Deviation Report of pressure-point issues that warrant investigation
  • Inventory of network devices (routers, printers, PCs, servers and more), including rogue devices operating without your knowledge
  • Network access weaknesses (e.g. outdated permissions or insecure passwords)
  • Inventory of installed applications
  • Inventory of servers (Web, Exchange, SQL) and recommendations for better configuration and management

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to make strategic and tactical decisions regarding network upgrades and updates. And, you’ll have a permanent, in-depth record of your existing network setup that will reduce the cost and complexity of resolving network issues. We can even provide you with a cost-effective road map to achieving the improvements you desire.

*Our fully secure process does not transmit sensitive data and leaves no traces on the network after completion.

**Detection and testing takes place in the background with zero network disruption.