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Protect and Restore Your Assets

Business Continuity and Disaster Resiliency Solutions Customized to Your Level of Comfort and Business Need


If you experienced a server or system meltdown, could you get fast access to your data to ensure recovering your ability to operate? Could you continue servicing clients while you waited for a hardware replacement? More importantly, would your clients wait for you? What if your firm suffered a fire, flood or other major disaster? How long would it take to restore normal operations? Do you want to ensure you never lose access to your data for a minute, let alone forever?

Your data—from email messages, client contracts, financial data or intellectual property—is the lifeblood of your company. Ensuring it is backed up regularly, and that you can access both data and applications, no matter what, is an imperative for business survival. We understand your tolerance for business disruption will vary based on your requirements and your budget. DynaSis has developed four tiers of business continuity services to bring you peace of mind at a price you can afford.

The Data Vault Backup Solution: Rock Solid Data Protection

Our Data Vault solution comes with all the software and hardware to ensure your backups are performed automatically, successfully and with no involvement by your staff. It takes a comprehensive snapshot of your entire system ensuring you can recover data—from a single email to an entire drive—easily, for any reason.

Should you suffer an IT crash, Data Vault can become your primary server. Data Vault can also image your data to another server or drive on-site and/or to an off-site location for true disaster protection. With Data Vault, your data is always protected.

  • Business Restart (Cold Disaster Recovery; data and infrastructure restored within 3 to 5 days): We backup and store your data securely, nightly, to an off-site data center. If the worst ever occurs, we can rebuild your IT environment and have you up and running in a week.
  • Business Reboot (Warm Disaster Recovery; data restored to a temporary server within 10 minutes): We install and configure our Data Vault Backup solution at your location, providing a comprehensive, painless backup solution that lets you restore one or all of your files on demand. If your server goes down, the backup appliance can be performing as a server in 10 minutes.
  • Business Priority (Hot Disaster Recovery; data available in two-minutes through a remote portal; no redundant server on-site):  We synchronize your server, every 15 minutes, to one of our world-class data centers. If the server crashes, you can flip a switch and be live with your off-site imaged data through a dedicated portal within two minutes.
  • Business As Usual (On-site, Hot Disaster Recovery with Zero Downtime):  For companies that cannot tolerate a minute of downtime but want to rely on a remote portal only in the event of an extreme event, we also offer our Business As Usual serviceWe configure, at your site, two hardware servers that are totally synchronized in real time. If one goes down, the other stays up, and you experience zero downtime. Should your site become unavailable due to a natural disaster or other significant event, you can access your off-site imaged data through a dedicated portal within two minutes

DynaSis Data Vault Protection Grid


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