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Secure & Managed Desktops and our End-to-End Device Management Solution

Server ManagementMany companies would never dream of trying to manage and maintain their servers in-house, yet they think nothing of letting in-house personnel—even those with little to no IT skills—manage their desktop PCs, laptop and mobile devices. These firms often don’t have any plan or technology to manage desktops and other devices, which has the same consequences—users run the ship, and the result is a hodge-podge of installations, old OS updates and partial data backups.

To these businesses, we ask, would you consider maintaining only half your car? Your IT infrastructure—server, desktops and other computing devices—are part of an interconnected system. To proactively manage and maintain one component while overlooking the others is to guarantee trouble and potentially compromise your business assets.

We use the same advanced technology that powers our Server & Network management solution to remotely patch, secure, clean and maintain your desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Every minute of every day, our proactive scanning engine monitors your network for signs of potential trouble. If abnormalities signal possible concerns, our team receives an alert. No matter what the time of day, 24/7/365, they immediately intervene to proactively avert calamity.

We also push out patches, administer policy management and scan your email and files for malware, viruses, and other threats. In short, we perform the preventive tasks you and your staff may be too busy to complete, with little or no disruption of user activities.

Secure Managed Desktops & Laptops: Defense from Every Angle

Activity: Proactive Maintenance

  • System Disk Cleanup
  • Event Log Analysis
  • CheckDisk (chkdsk) to Identify and Repair Disk Errors
  • Disk Defragmentation and Optimization
  • Download and Testing of Available Patches
  • Recurring Patch Scans to Search for Missing Patches
  • Patch and Hotfix Installation for Microsoft Products
  • Real-time Anti-Virus Protection.
  • Anti-Virus Scanning
  • Automatic Anti-Virus Definition Updates
  • Client Maintenance Report Delivery

Workstation Mantainance

To begin protecting and maximizing your investment in desktop PCs and devices of all types, give us a call, today.

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