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Vu Telepresence Makes HD Videoconferencing Easy; Affordable

With the increasingly global manner in which companies need to conduct business, many small and medium-sized firms are caught in a financial crunch. Travel costs continue to spiral, yet physically disparate employees, clients and vendors need to collaborate and share “face time.”

The DynaSis Solution: Vu Telepresence

With this amazing technology, any company with a standard broadband Internet connection can conduct HD-quality videoconferences with customers, colleagues and vendors. Vu Telepresence includes everything a firm needs to conduct remote face-to-face conversations—with document and application-window sharing and session recording—yet it’s affordable and simple to setup and run.

Vu Telepresence supports connections with up to five locations and can record 1500 hours of session time. The product’s VirtualFacets compression technology supports the two-way exchange of HD video without the need for a dedicated, ultra-high-speed connection or special cabling. This means even the smallest office with can leverage the benefits of professional-quality, crystal-clear video and audio that is usually available only by renting space at expensive, dedicated conferencing centers.

DynaSis clients can leverage the potential of Vu Telepresence for a nominal monthly fee using our hardware-as-a-service delivery model. Provided hardware includes the VU Media Control Unit and a performance-matched camera with remote pan, tilt and zoom. Available at no extra charge is DynaSis’ signature 24/7/365 support and maintenance and Vu’s built-in Rich Web Client, which lets companies host callers that do not have a VU unit.


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