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Design and Installation Services

If you’re like most SMBs, you want to improve your technical capacity and efficiency but don’t have time or staff to manage the transition effectively. Maybe your personnel have tried to initiate improvements in-house, only to discover that many “user-friendly” technologies aren’t so friendly, after all. The result may have been a misconfigured network or a crashing server, not to mention costly downtime and unnecessary expense to fix the problem.

With DynaSis’ Installation Services, you leverage our industry-leading technical expertise to manage your IT projects efficiently and successfully the first time, so you and your staff can continue operating at peak levels before, during and afterward.

Whether it’s a leased server installation or a new videoconferencing system; virtualization or VoIP, we can meet your needs one step at a time. For every project, we’ll follow a proven methodology that minimizes downtime and user disruption while protecting your budget—and we’ll ask you to verify satisfaction at every step.

Our Eight-Point Plan includes:

• Assess IT environment

• Design installation blueprint based on needs and budget

• Gain consensus on scope of work

• Identify unforeseen problems that might hinder installation and gain approval for any additional, recommended work

• Perform agreed-upon tune-ups and/or upgrades if necessary

• Negotiate best possible pricing for any supplied equipment

• Install according to industry best practices (and Microsoft recommendations, if applicable).

• Obtain written approval to ensure we have met your expectations


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