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Project-Based Installation Services

You’re ready to upgrade or purchase new hardware or software, but the thought of installing and configuring it is mind-numbing. That’s where DynaSis’ project-based installation services come in. To leverage our industry-leading installation expertise, you don’t need to have or purchase a managed services agreement with us (although we certainly hope you do).

The DynaSis Solution: IT installations done right, one project at a time

Did you know it’s possible to install and incorrectly configure a server, firewall, or other vital system component and still have it run—for awhile? Dozens—and in some cases hundreds— of settings and protocols must be set up correctly and in harmony with your existing configuration to minimize hardware headaches down the road. (If an on-demand, IT “specialist” tells you otherwise, we politely suggest you run in the other direction.)

Right from the Start

With DynaSis’ Project-Based Installation Services, we’ll come to your location and perform an assessment of your IT environment, upfront. We will meet with you to develop a scope of work and then identify unforeseen problems that might hinder the installation. If a tune-up is in order, we’ll fix the problem quickly and with as little impact on your budget as possible, without cutting essential corners.

We’ll also help you design the hardware installation to fit your needs and budget and negotiate on your behalf to obtain the best possible pricing. Or, if you have already made purchases, we will assess your decision. If you misjudged the situation, we’ll be honest, and try to help you prevent more expensive mistakes.

Installations that Succeed

Once the hardware is on-site, our certified installation specialists will perform the installation according to industry best practices (and Microsoft recommendations, if applicable). After completion of each stage—Assessment, Design and Install—we will ask for written approval to ensure we have met your expectations.

You’ll start down the path to IT success with everything set up as it should be. Using recommended configurations can even minimize time and expense if you call Microsoft (or us) about a problem, down the road.

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